Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buy a book..

Just now, lunch time, I went to Bazar Chowrasta Market at Penang Street. Actually I searching for blouse , skaft and shoes.. but all not interested. So I just walk around amd I found a bookstore. It was a massy book store, and I ask the shop owner and he said that he sell the 2nd hand book.

So I took the oppotunity and buy a book. You guys know right what kind of book. So I decided to bu a book with Title : KISAH KEHIDUPAN NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W". I got cheaper price ( that important). Tonight I will inform my hubby to go there and get more book. So that we can make mini Library at our house.

Actually we planned all this for quite sometime...

Half Cut Issue..

hi you guys there..

this week the half-cut become a big issue in my office. It hust because one of the repair car required by the insurance company to be inspect to "PUSPAKOM" and it must be approve by "JPJ".

The JPJ wrote a letter of " Pengakuan Bertulis" said that the car was not using a Half Cut method. I suggest my friend to Statuary Declaration is much easier, but she objected. than only I know that she dont know hou to write a letter. Actually, she just dont know what is the Half Cut meaning by JPJ. ha.. ha... It funny when the person attached into the automobile industrial dont know about Half-cut...

Sorry i cant help you cause I just admin hear. That is the technical work, I am not going to intterupt...but I sad on you...