Saturday, July 18, 2009


The memory to Monkey beach with my friend.. Peace..

Monkey Beach/Teluk Duyung

Junggle tracking to Muka Head.. tired but worth it....
white sand...

just put in all the lugage at the free sit there..

boat just arrive..

ok friends.. last year, I went to Penang National Park. I do take of our photos, but it kept by my friend. So to remember all this, I just can upload some of the monkey beach photos view. We reach there at about 08:30 am. just because of we are not booking a boat earlier, so we have to wait a moment till the boat came. at about 10:00 am the boat reach, and we went to monkey beach which RM80.00 /boat. I, Marina , Gee and Iza. All mother's you know. We just bought the food at the Restaurant outside there.

We do hiking and but could not reach the " Muka Head" cause we are too tired ad rest at middle of the road. We enjoy our food and turn back. suddenly.. Argh... Rina are scream..very loud cause she saw a snake move just near to me. She saw scared anid .. Snake!!! Snake!!.... we just run away. But I could't see that snake.

The best part is when we ride a Jet Ski. I am so excited. In addition, the fare is around RM 20.00 to RM 25.00 only.. Then at around 5:00pm we went back home.Eventhought we felt tired but we happy and I promissed to come again..