Friday, July 24, 2009

My son at Penang Aquarium

Penang Aquarium at Batu Maung..
When I felt boring on my weekend, I will brought my son to The Penang Aquarium which is nearby to my house. It just 10 minute from my house. My son like to go there cause he can enjoy with many kind of fish.As usual, I just sat on the chair there and read my favourite book and so my husband. My son like to feed the fish and only RM 1.00/packet for the fish food .

Inside the Aquarium...
Just pay RM5.00/adult and RM3.00/child you may entered the Aquarium and watch many kind of marine fish.Inside, we are not aloud to bring a camera. There have a special place that allowed you to snap a photos, but sometime I do snap a pnotos while the guards turn somewhere else.. he.. hee.. naughty!!

Koi Fish ...
I and my son feed the fish. When you feed them, they will come closed to you. I felt so calm and it make me think against that even the fish can shoe their love, why not us as a human being??So dont be so selfish, and hope people out there will try hardly to build the relationship and also love each other..

My son with his untie,Hamidah..
If I am not free to bring him to the aquarium, he will ask the untie to company him there.

such a beautiful "Koi Fish"
Ups.. forgot to tell you that this Koi fish area a absolutely free entrance. So I can bring him at any time he want's.I think this is just a good lesson to my son, so that in future he will tranform his love to everything he attach to.