Monday, July 13, 2009

Holiday in Cameron Hightland

I feed for you dear...
Bee replica....

My son and his cousin in bee park....

cold, hide behind hubby...


Just because of my birthday purpose, we went into the Cameron Hightland.. the weather is so cold and i could't stand and forgot to bring a sweater... So I decided to leave this bee park and walk around, looking for the nice place for us to have a lunch..
After 1/2 hours we found a nice garden to picnic and we enjoy the food...
Nearly 7.00 pm we drove back to Penang... reach home around 10-11 pm.. Tired but Happy.


  1. Wei..hg p cameron ka? mesti best kan! huhu...
    Aku dok gedik2 nk p tp tak sure nk p bila nie...

  2. tu la, aku pun tak rancang. hubby aku la buat surprise sempena b'thay aku.
    Hujan la pulak. Tak dan nak beli apa pun kat hang.. sorry la ek.

    Nanti nak plan pi lain.

  3. Hello, thank you so much for the comment on my blog. Novels are really nice and you must try them!! :)

    I went Amazon to check out the summaries for you because I couldn't really come up with a proper one. ;)

    For Sun at Midnight, its "an epic love story and adventure set against the stunning backdrop of Antarctica. Alice Peel is a geologist. She believes in observation and proof. But now she stands alone on the deck of a rickety Chilean ship as a stark landscape reveals itself. Instead of the familiar measurable world, everything that lies ahead of her is unknown and unpredictable. Six weeks earlier her life was comfortably unfolding in an Oxford summer. Then, with her relationship suddenly in pieces, she accepted an invitation to join a group working at the end of the earth: Antarctica. James Rooker is a man on the run. He's been running since his childhood in New Zealand. Now, there is nowhere further to go. He has taken a job working on the same small Antarctic research station. Alice discovers an ice-blue and silver world, lit by sunlight. Nothing has prepared her for the beauty of it, or the claustrophobia of a tiny base shared with eight men and one other woman. The isolation wipes out everyone's past, and tension crackles in the air. But there is a jolt of recognition between Alice and Rooker that is like nothing she has ever known. And it is in Antarctica that she discovers something else that will change her life forever! if she survives."

    And for The River With No Bridge, which I've yet to read, this is what I found on Amazon.
    "The main character is a school-age boy named Hatanaka Koji. This first volume of the story takes place in the very early years of the 20th century. Koji was born in the discriminated-against Buraku village of Komori. He is very intelligent and wants to do well in school. However, he faces those who wish to treat him in a degrading way, calling him and his fellow villagers names i.e. "dirty," "four-legged beast," and similar. Also he faces unfair punishment and discriminataion from some of his teachers.

    This account also depicts Koji's family members and others in his village. His mother is a widow; her husband had been killed in battle during the Russian-Japanese war. The family also lives with the grandmother, who recounts stories from old feudal days when she and her relatives had to live as members of the untouchable "eta" ("extreme filth") caste. One aspect I noticed is that Sumii portrays her female characters in very human ways, rather than in typical female stererotypes. These are not the "sweet Japanese maidens" that we see in too many fictional works. These are very strong people who face their struggles with fortitude.

    Discrimination against the Burakumin is an issue that is not very well-known these days. Many Japanese deny that this sort of prejudice still exists; some deny that it ever existed. However, many people of Buraku origin have to hide their ancestry and where they live. This is to protect themselves from job and marriage discrimination. The current Prime Minister of Japan recently was reported as telling a Burakumin member of parliament who is open about his ancestry that no Burakumin could ever advance in government.

    This book is a very gripping account of a piece of Japanese history that very few people are aware. I was told that the story continues with Koji's youth, that as a young adult he ends up joining the Suiheisha (Leveller's Society), one of the first of the Burakumin civil rights organizations. I want to read all about this. I hope that the other volumes will soon be translated."

    I really hope this helps you find your interest in novels! :):)

    You have a really sweet family by the way!:)

    Wish I could take a trip to Cameron Highlands right now. The weather in Singapore is terribly hot these days.:)