Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jet Ski

ahak.. ahak.... Jet Ski..
This is the first time I ride A Jet Ski. Actually, since last time I felt want to ride this, but the Jet Ski Fare it too expensive, expecially at Batu Feringghi, Penang. Ups.. the guy behind me is the "BOAT MAN". I am too scared and could not ride by myself, so I ask the boat man to help me. Eventhought it just a 15 minute, It must be a sweet memory in my life. If I have chance, I want ride the Jet Ski with my Hubby...


  1. Hola..aku x penah pon naik jet ski lg nie..nk kena ajak hubby naik nie...:D

  2. gieyana:- kalau hang naik Jet ski ni melayang layang la.. Aku yg berat i pun rasa cam nak terbang ja.. Laju woo..

  3. Ah, Jet ski! I've never tried riding one before but I've always wanted to! :)